How it Works

In Europe, every year there are almost 3,000 fatalities and 100,000 injuries in road traffic accidents directly attributed to drivers following too closely to the vehicle in front. One major factor is the driving population's lack of knowledge of vehicle stopping distances at different speeds. The other is the drivers’ inability to judge such distances accurately.

A recent study showed that only 9% of drivers could get to within 10% of the correct braking distances for a car moving at 30mph, 50mph and 70mph. Further, only 5% of motorists could get close to judging how far this distance was in real terms when asked to mark them out. The majority of drivers (66%) underestimated the distance involved - some by up to 75 percent.

The Decals

The TailGuardian system uses specially designed 'intelligent' signs that can be quickly and easily applied to the rear of vehicles. When following a vehicle displaying such signs, a warning will reveal itself to other drivers who are following too closely.

The concept works by using filtering algorithms to enhance parts of the sign at the perception threshhold which the brain “ignores” beyond a specific distance. By calibrating the images differently, each “warning sign” becomes “pre-programmed” to appear at a correctly set safety distance, whilst remaining apparently “invisible” outside that distance.

The medium of delivery - as an inexpensive, adhesive sign - makes the TailGuardian a simple option for employers, manufacturers, drivers, fleet managers and insurers to protect their staff, passengers, goods and vehicles.

See for yourself...  

Take a couple of steps back from your screen to see the back off message disappear/reappear