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With 25% of all road traffic accidents caused directly by drivers following too closely to the vehicle in front, protecting your vehicle, yourself and your students is of very great importance. One major factor is the driving population's lack of knowledge of the safe following distances at different speeds - another is their inability to judge such distances accurately.

TailGuardian 'intelligently' delivers advice to other drivers following your vehicle when they are about to breach the safe distance. The unique 'switching on' of the message makes other road users take notice and pull back until it is safe. A recent study by a national bus company showed a 60% reduction in collisions to the rear of the bus. Applying a TailGuardian sign to your vehicle both enhances the safety of your students and help improve their confidence by keeping other road users back.

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8" Window Sign

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5½" Magnetic Sign

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Take a couple of steps back from your screen to see the back off message disappear/reappear