TailGating makes our journeys miserable - feeling the pressure of someone driving too close for the speed that you're travelling at adds to the pressure of driving, and it also increases the chances of us, and them, being involved in a road accident.

Safe following is defined in the Highway Code as "at least a two-second gap between you and the vehicle in front" - this translates to 25 yards at 30mph, 49 yards at 50mph and 68 yards at 70mph. The problem is that most drivers are ignorant of these distances and, even if they knew them, wouldn't be able to judge them on the road.

A TailGuardian sign goes a long way to solving this problem. The sign's unique design delivers a message to other drivers to pull back only when they are venturing into an unsafe following distance - outside that, the message is invisible.

In recent trials with a national transport organisation, TailGuardian was seen to cut rear collisions by 60%.

TailGuardian signs are in use with: Stagecoach (750 coaches), Arriva (1200 buses), The Highways Agency (7000 vehicles), Driving Schools (1300 vehicles) and thousands of other smaller organisations and individual car owners.

Some comments from TailGuardian users...

"I must say I was a bit pessimistic at first but, once fitted to the rear of my vehicle, I was astonished how well it works."

"I'm pleased to say I'm liking the results! I've noticed that most drivers are actually noticing it and doing the right thing!"

"Visually, it stands out well, and it works! I've noticed an increase in following traffic keeping a safer distance. Recommended"

"What a great simple idea but so effective."

"I have a TailGuardian and use it on my car every day. Wouldn't be without it."

See for yourself...  

Take a couple of steps back from your screen to see the back off message disappear/reappear


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